Artisan Bites



Go on... indulge yourself


Tiramisu / Tuscan Trifle

[Min. Order: 10 Portions]

Also known as Tuscan Trifle, this is an elegant & rich Italian dessert… Mascaporne custard layer with whipped cream and delicate cake biscuits, soaked lightly in Kahlua & espresso.
If you feel a bit sexy after indulging in Tiramisu... you are not alone!



Coffee & Turron Ice Cream Torte

[Serves 6-8]

An ice cream for BIG kids! LOL!
Decadent brownie topped with coffee and vanilla ice cream with almond praline and 'oh so yummy' fudge…
This is bound to take you back to your childhood!

Coffee & Turron
Ice Cream Torte


Oreo Truffles

[Min. Order: 20 pieces]

If you haven’t tried these you are totally missing out!
These are always a win anywhere and with everyone. These truffles will fly off the serving tray. This is the stuff that dreams are made of…
Absolutely Divine!

Oreo Truffles


Chocolate Bread Pudding

[Serves 6-8]

A gorgeous gooey chocolate and sweet custard pudding...
perfectly perfect for cold winters (but gets instantly devoured in summers as well)
A traditional item with a slight contemporary twist!

Chocolate Bread


Champagne Jellies

[Min. Order 10 pieces]

A dramatic and festive sparkling treat with a special touch of class. This indulgent yet light jelly is the perfect finale to any meal, day or night. It’s a great low fat dessert too!
Celebrate with these magical flutes!

Champagne Jellies


Mascaporne filled Chocolate Cups

[Min. Order 10 pieces]

Delicious and rich...
a fun way of impressing your family & guests with these home made chocolate cups filled with silky smooth cream. Yum yum yum is all you will say.
Perfect for parties and pot luck!

Mascaporne filled
Chocolate Cups


Churros with Chocolate
Orange Sauce

[Min. Order 4 portions]

One of my absolute favorites..
. these traditional Spanish deep fried doughnuts are a delight. Sweet cinnamony churros alongside thick velvety chocolate sauce are well worth a few calories.
Transports me back to Spain and Euro Disney!

Churros with Chocolate
Orange Sauce


Chocolate Rum & Raisin Cake

[Serves 6-8]

By now you must have realized how much I love desserts with liquor... I had to try this as I absolutely adore rum & raisin ice cream from Baskin Robbins.
An instant hit with friends and family!
Available in Vegan & Gluten Free options as well.

Chocolate Rum
& Raisin Cake


Chocolate Pots

[Min. Order 6 pieces]

This flower pot may look normal but it's full of chocolatey surprise! A yummy eggless fun dessert that is great for kids & adults alike.
Also available in Gluten Free & Vegan

Chocolate Pot



Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake

[Serves 6-8]

How do you improve one of the world's favorite desserts? Add ice cream to it of course! And if that weren't enough, let's take it up another notch and make it a cake as well. Well, we did say "go on... indulge yourself" didn't we!

Ice Cream Cake


Margarita Ice Ceam

[Serves 6-8]

A 'fun & fresh' dessert to share with your friends. This lime sherbet is tangy yet sweet, creamy and extremely refreshing with all the flavours of a classic Margarita.
Dessert Deliriousness… ideal for forever Dubai summers!

Margarita Ice Cream


Chocolate Jalapenos

[Min. Order: 8 pcs]

'Spice it up!'
Add grilled Chocolate Jalapenos to your Margarita Ice Cream order.
Available in Vegan & Sugar Free

Grilled Chocolate


Fresh Paan Kulfi Ice Cream

[Min. Order: 10 Pots]

Meetha Paan
A truly traditional taste of India! An after food treat Indians love indulging in. Areca nuts, fennel seeds, shredded coconut and rose paste smothered in a secret syrup tightly wrapped in a peppery betel leaf. Refreshing with a right balance of sweet & aromatics, this digestive dessert is a great palate cleanser too.

Fresh Paan
Kulfi Ice Cream




[Min. Order: 6 pieces]

The ultimate chocolate decadence and one of my all time favourite and popular desserts.
Brownies are what got me started! Absolute chocolate heaven that everyone loves to sink their teeth into.
I'm sure you're gonna love these!
Available in Gluten Free, Vegan, Eggless & Paleo



Rocky Road

[Min. Order: 8 pieces]

A chewy chocolate treat made with biscuits, marshmallows & nuts. Makes a great gift for kids, Easter & Xmas. Trust me, no one will ever complain about these!

Rocky Road


Naughty Party Flavors

Get your party started with our assorted naughty flavoured brownies that come with a 'little oozie boozie kick' of their own.
Call for your choice of naughty boozie flavors!

Naughty Party Flavors


All our items can also be beautifully gift wrapped as gifts for special occasions and festivals. Please call for details.



If you’re one of those “healthy” people who crave chocolates, truffles and tiramisu, but feel guilty at the mere confession of the cravings, we’ve got some good news for you.

Eating dessert does not mean you have little or no self-control. It only means that you have a good sense of what you want, and that you have what it takes to honor these cravings.

So here are a few reasons to let logic take a back seat and savor your dessert:

Desserts put you in a good mood

I’m sure you’ve turned to a box of chocolates on a “bad day” just so could you feel like there’s still hope left in the world! Nothing can give you more pleasure than eating your favorite dessert. And this feeling is vital to your well-being.
Denying ourselves these simple pleasures can make us feel like we do not deserve them and can also make us resentful as human beings. The idea is to derive pleasure from simple things like eating your favorite dessert.

Desserts are a healthy breakfast

Believe it or not, but having dessert for breakfast can actually help you lose weight. Researchers attributed this to the reduced cravings, which make you less hungry throughout the day.

Dark Chocolate can prevent strokes and lower blood pressure

This one is going to be music to the dark chocolate lover’s ears. Consuming a little bit of dark chocolate everyday can actually help reduce the risk of stroke and lower your blood pressure.
So now you have a healthy excuse to look for the best-quality dark chocolate and eat it every day without feeling guilty about it.

Desserts make life more enjoyable

Admit it, eating dessert makes your day better. You start liking people more, and feel like everything is going to be alright. It also makes you a happier and a better human being Life is too short to miss out on desserts. So enjoy them while you can.


  • The first brownie ever made was actually a mistake. The baker didn’t have enough baking powder and ended up with an unleavened fudgy treat
  • Brownies were first called “Blondies” as Chocolate was NOT an original ingredient. The recipe was modified in 1905 to include chocolate and the “Brownie” was born
  • December 8th is National Brownie Day
  • Walnut is the most popular brownie mix-in
  • The largest brownie ever made was in 2001, New York. The mammoth brownie used 750 lbs. of melted chocolate chips and weighed an astounding 3,000 lbs.
  • Brownie points are a hypothetical social currency, which can be earned by doing good deeds
  • Brownies are considered as the No: 1 comfort food around the world



Nobody really knows exactly HOW or WHO invented Ice Cream, but here’s what we know…

  • A dessert similar to Ice Cream has been around since 5th Century B.C in ancient Greece
  • The Chinese were the first to invent a frozen dessert using snow, milk, cream and fruits which evolved into the modern day ice cream
  • Marco Polo brought this frozen Chinese dessert to Europe in the 1300s
  • Right up to the late 18th century, Ice Cream was a dessert enjoyed only by the elite rich 
  • New Zealand is the highest ice cream consuming country in the world followed by the United States
  • The world’s tallest ice cream cone was over 9 feet tall. It was scooped in Italy
  • Madagascar & Indonesia supply most of the vanilla used to make ice cream
  • Chocolate syrup is the world’s most popular ice cream topping
  • A single cow gives enough milk per day to make 2 gallons of ice cream
  • It takes around 50 licks to finish one scoop of ice cream
  • Brain Freeze occurs when ice cream touches the roof of your mouth. Just touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth for a while for it to go away!


“We love all your vegan and gluten free recipes. Our favourite is the organic granola. It’s a touch of sweet, deliciously crunchy, and bursting with natural goodness. We love the toasty flavours and the golden hue, plus it’s the most generous amount of goodies; full of berries, seeds and nuts. Handmade to perfection without the nasties, it’s a scrumptous treat!”


“Have tried a variety of stuff and I must say that the gluten and sugar free range is too good. Even the other stuff like brownies, granola, banana bread and paan delight are all to die for. A must try definitely. Can’t go wrong at all.”

From DG

“Good morning! Please can I order two MORE packets of the granola!”


“So so good! Thanks so much: dark, fudgy and nutty. Definitely need to try the boozy ones 🙂 Much better than theobroma even!

Naseeb from Mumbai

“Hi, Morning. Had the rose granola. Was absolutely yumm!”


“Having ordered both the regular and the gluten free brownies, I can honestly say that it is the best I have ever eaten. The brownies are freshly baked, rich in flavour and delicious. If you are to indulge, then there is nothing better out there!”

Nicki Oneal

“Hi! The muffins were amzing, thank you !! What is the minimum order you do? Want to order for tomorrow.”


“Glad I can count on an awesome “Martha” like yourself.”

Meghna K

“Hi, loved the granola balls and the vegan sugar free carrot cake was super yummy! Thanks.”


“Hey! Everyone is going gaga about the brownies. Really, I’m so happy. Thank you. Lots of messages saying the brownies are yummm!”

Pooja Mulani

” The Nutella stuffed red velvet cookies are to die for!”

Mrs Sima Ved

“Had the Kulfi for dessert today. Loved it. Delicious!”

Dr Vaneeta

“Thank you for the lovely Muesli!”

Natasha Mehta - Mumbai