Artisan Bites


Traditional favorites... with a modern twist!

Carrot Truffles

[Min. Order: 24 pieces]

A delicacy devoured by millions of Indians…
A staple at all parties, our very own Gajar ka Halwa! This one uses no oil / ghee and is made with minimum sugar and flavoured with cardamom and nuts. A good guilt free version.

Paan Truffles

[Min. Order: 24 pieces]

The ultimate ambrosial Indian fusion dessert!
A creamy outside made of paan chiffonade and coconut filled with yummy sweet gulkand and spices. A fun and delectable way of eating paan. Serve with vanilla ice cream swirled with delicious rose syrup.
Our Truffle Box makes for a great gift.

Date & Nut Truffles

[Min. Order: 25 pieces]

Gluten & Sugar Free, these truffles are a crunchy & creamy delight filled with super goodness of juicy Medjool dates and are fortified with superfoods. They are an excellent healthy snack as well as an elegant holiday gift.

Gulab Jamun Pudding

[Min. Order 6 pieces]

A Desi Videshi Combo!
A creative fusion way to serve your traditional Indian sweet. Luscious & creamy in every byte.


[Serves 13 Large pieces]

A traditional & popular aromatic and rich Sindhi sweet made with wholemeal flour, dry fruits, seeds, ghee and edible gum. Fully loaded with goodies essential for a new mum.
Stays well for months in the fridge.


This Gluten Free Paleo yummy goodness is my twist of the Indonesian sweet that is chock-full of nuts, dry fruits and milk.


This super food is a rich nutritional supplement and is great for nursing mothers. It is the North Indian version of the Sindhi Khoraak. Keeps well for weeks @ room temperature.

Rabri Parfait

[Min. Order: 10 pieces]

My personal all time favourite!
A fancy fusion deliciously layered trifle made with ladoo, milk, nuts & beautiful aromatic saffron.

Tropical Shrikhand

[Min. Order: 6 pcs]

An ideal summer season dessert to lower your body temperature from the scorching heat. Made with greek yogurt, fruits, nuts & divinely fragrant saffron.

Feesh Paan Delight

[Min. Order 10 pieces]

A perfect sweet & cool ending to a hearty Indian meal. Made with fresh paan and cream.
Keeps well in the fridge for around 4-5 days.

Baked Motichoor Donuts

[Min. Order 10 pieces]

What’s better than everyone’s favourite Donuts?? An awesome fusion of our humble Boondi Ladoo with super moist extravagant cakey donut. Gift them or glam up your dessert table and enjoy the applause!

Rasmalai Tiramisu

[Min. Order 10 pieces]

By now you must know how obsessed I am with Tiramisu! Here it is the popular Italian favourite with an Indian twist. The rest is for you figure out one delectable bite after another.

Oat & Ragi / Nachni / Finger Millet Balls

[Min. Order: 6 pcs]

This tiny grain is a powerhouse of nutrition! it is Naturally gluten free & packed with amino acids. Tasty, healthy & Calcium rich Ragi Ladoos are loaded with dry fruits & super seeds which makes it an excellent energy booster. They make an amazing snack for kids and women.



There’s no getting around it, Indians have a (very) sweet tooth. In fact, the early visitors to India called it the land of sweets.

This sweet love has roots that reach back to the Indian mythology. Lord Krishna’s Makhan-Mishri, Ganesha’s Modak and the famous boondi ladoos and halwa offered as prasad in temples, that’s how Indian desserts embraced a sacred status. Their journey began from religious ceremonies and they went on to grace festivals and celebrations making their way straight into every Indian’s heart.

The 19th century Renaissance saw a sudden surge of the iconic halwai or mithai shops, especially in West Bengal. Most of the essentially Indian desserts featured smooth and silky blends of milk and its other varieties like chennakhoya and cream sweetened with jaggery or honey. Ever since, the great Indian mithais have evolved with time and tradition.

East Meets West

Fusion is the new chic. We’re talking about show-stopper desserts, ones that hold a sweet surprise and make you marvel at the creativity. The trend is timely, given the affinity and access to global tastes.

In modern kitchens, chefs are putting their creativity to the test, experimenting with ingredients, marrying flavours and presenting fusion Indian desserts like never before. Just as the world of fashion sees new trends popping up each year, the culinary world too is constantly evolving, as customers seek to expand their tastebuds. While we have witnessed the union of pizzas and dosas, French fries and masala fries, and kathi rolls and frankies, chefs are now experimenting and transforming traditional desi sweetmeats into gourmet desserts by fusing them with Western recipes.

  • “We love all your vegan and gluten free recipes. Our favourite is the organic granola. It’s a touch of sweet, deliciously crunchy, and bursting with natural goodness. We love the toasty flavours and the golden hue, plus it’s the most generous amount of goodies; full of berries, seeds and nuts. Handmade to perfection without the nasties, it’s a scrumptous treat!”


  • “Have tried a variety of stuff and I must say that the gluten and sugar free range is too good. Even the other stuff like brownies, granola, banana bread and paan delight are all to die for. A must try definitely. Can’t go wrong at all.”

    From DG

  • “Good morning! Please can I order two MORE packets of the granola!”


  • “So so good! Thanks so much: dark, fudgy and nutty. Definitely need to try the boozy ones 🙂 Much better than theobroma even!

    Naseeb from Mumbai

  • “Hi, Morning. Had the rose granola. Was absolutely yumm!”


  • “Having ordered both the regular and the gluten free brownies, I can honestly say that it is the best I have ever eaten. The brownies are freshly baked, rich in flavour and delicious. If you are to indulge, then there is nothing better out there!”

    Nicki Oneal

  • “Hi! The muffins were amzing, thank you !! What is the minimum order you do? Want to order for tomorrow.”


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  • ” The Nutella stuffed red velvet cookies are to die for!”

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    Dr Vaneeta

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