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Welcome to Artisan Bites

The home for made-to-order delights, crafted lovingly with passion and creativity to bring you a wide range of healthy, natural and absolutely delicious delicacies. Try our popular best sellers and explore our vast menu.

I am sure you will find your very own favourite taste of heaven!


Classic Granola

[Min. Order: 300g]

An energetic start to a busy day!
A healthy option made with whole grains, unrefined oil, naturally sweetened. You just can't beat freshly baked granola packed with "good for u" ingredients.This organic, super food is more tasty than any store bought granola.
Vegan, Refined Sugar Free, Gluten Free.

Paleo Granola

[Min. Order: 300g]

The perfect weight loss companion... Naturally sweetened and packed with nuts, its perfect when savage cravings occur.
Vegan, Grain Free, Gluten Free & Sugar Free.

Rose Granola

[Min. Order: 300g]

Who doesn't love the divine fragrance of roses! Roses contain a natural chemical called phenol which helps reduce post workout inflammation says Julia Heffelfinger... With an extra romantic element and a wonderful mix of flavors, this granola is delicate & summery.

Chocolate Granola

[Min. Order: 300g]

Who says u can't have chocolate for breakfast... Crunchy, nutty, chocolate infused, perfectly sweet, plant protein & fibre rich! Superfood ingredients come together to create a decadent yet Gluten & Refined Sugar Free breakfast / snack. Also available in 100% Vegan.

X'Mas Edition

[Min. Order: 300g]

Our X'Mas edition granola can be ordered with a choice of "X'Mas Spirits". Call for details. A lovely gift for Xmas. The combination of chocolate, hazelnut and nutritious dried fruits make this a real seasonal favourite.

Tiramisu / Tuscan Trifle

[Min. Order: 10 Portions]

Also known as Tuscan Trifle, this is an elegant & rich Italian dessert… Mascaporne custard layer with whipped cream and delicate cake biscuits, soaked lightly in Kahlua & espresso.
If you feel a bit sexy after indulging in Tiramisu... you are not alone!


[Min. Order: 6 pieces]

The ultimate chocolate decadence and one of my all time favourite and popular desserts.
Brownies are what got me started! Absolute chocolate heaven that everyone loves to sink their teeth into.
I'm sure you're gonna love these!
Available in Gluten Free, Vegan, Eggless & Paleo

Cranberry Pistachio Biscotties

[Min. Order 10 pieces]

Also known as Cantucci, these twice baked Italian style crunchy biscuits are a perfect companion and for dipping into your coffee or tea. They also make great gifts.

Nutella Stuffed
Red Velvet Cookies

[Min. Order 2 pieces]

Get your tastebuds ready for these deliciously rich, incredibly moist cookies, and that Nutella…. oooh, It just oozes out with every bite.
WARNING! These cookies are addictive!

Oatmeal, Seed, Fruit
& Spelt Cookies

[Min. Order 6 pieces]

A healthy wholegrain alternative made with spelt flour - an ancient grain used since biblical days. It is more nutritious than modern day wheat and easily digested.
A simple breakfast on the go!

Triple Chocolate Cookies

[Min.Order 6 pieces]

Chocoholic? Well here's plenty of it! These cookies are so chocolatey delicious I bet you won't stop at one!
An absolute favourite of my kids!

Chocolate Truffle Cookies

[Min. Order 8 pieces]

These enticing cookies are dark, rich, fudgy...and made for a true chocoholic.
You definitely have to put your diet aside for these!

Date & Nut Truffles

[Min. Order: 25 pieces]

Gluten & Sugar Free, these truffles are a crunchy & creamy delight filled with super goodness of juicy Medjool dates and are fortified with superfoods. They are an excellent healthy snack as well as an elegant holiday gift.

Fresh Paan Kulfi Ice Cream

[Min. Order: 10 Pots]

Meetha Paan
A truly traditional taste of India! An after food treat Indians love indulging in. Areca nuts, fennel seeds, shredded coconut and rose paste smothered in a secret syrup tightly wrapped in a peppery betel leaf. Refreshing with a right balance of sweet & aromatics, this digestive dessert is a great palate cleanser too.

Feesh Paan Delight

[Min. Order 10 pieces]

A perfect sweet & cool ending to a hearty Indian meal. Made with fresh paan and cream.
Keeps well in the fridge for around 4-5 days.


[Serves 13 Large pieces]

A traditional & popular aromatic and rich Sindhi sweet made with wholemeal flour, dry fruits, seeds, ghee and edible gum. Fully loaded with goodies essential for a new mum.
Stays well for months in the fridge.